10 Reasons Why Qandeel Baloch Is An Inspiration!
Source: Facebook (Qandeel Baloch Official)
Published: Aug 18, 2015

Qandeel Baloch is a multi-talented model-turned-singer. Apart from being “drop dead gorgeous” she is also a kindred spirit with a big heart. This beauty-with-brains (and a big mouth) uploads videos of herself interacting with her fans. Her thoughts on love and life are really thought-provoking. She is definitely an angel in disguise.

Here are 10 reasons why she is an inspiration:

1. She speaks of compassion

2. Her love advice is brilliant

3. She’s a saint for animals

4. She is even gentle with her stuffed toys

5. She offers chai to all her fans!

Who does that in this day and age?

6. She doesn’t lash out at all the mean comments she gets.

I can’t imagine who would think so wrong of her. :/

7. She faced all these obstacles with a brave face.

8. Even though she is fragile on the inside.

9. Also, she is flawless even when she’s not feeling well.

10. Regardless of her blinding beauty, she is so down to earth!

She is an inspiration. We love you, Qandeel!