10 Pakistani Ramazan Ads That Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart
Ramazan ad
Published: Jun 24, 2015

The holy month of Ramazan enjoys a special importance in the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated all around the world, but for media purposes it is considered a month to market and milk. All kinds of brand come up with their own version of Ramazan to showcase to the audience in hopes that theirs will be the most unique. What is great about most of these ads is that they give the audience a glimpse of what the true essence of this holy month is.

Here is a list of top 10 Pakistani Ramazan ads that will definitely melt you heart.

1. Celebrating the precious moments we share with our loved ones.

2. Celebrating the miracles around us.

3. Let’s come together to eliminate differences around the dining table.

4. ‎Lighting up lives ‬across Pakistan.

5. Jahan mamta wahan dalda.

6. Maan ke hathon ka pyar.

7. Mil baant kay hai jeenay ka maza.

8. Mobicash, Zabaan ka Pakka

9. Meezan naimat e ramzan

10. This Ramadan every recharge, recharges a family!