10 National Parks In Pakistan You Must See Once In Your Life!
Published: Jun 11, 2015

Pakistan is a place of beauty – to see it, all you really have to do is look. Below is a list of 10 of the most beautiful national parks in Pakistan. Each one of them is worth visiting at least once in your life:

1. Hingol National Park

The largest national park of Pakistan, Hingol is in Balochistan near the Makran coast, and is 190km away from Karachi. This little treasure trove is filled with fantastic scenery of towering cliffs, pinnacles and the Hingol River.

Gwadar District: Hingol National Park
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2. Ayubia National Park

Located in the Murree hills and named after the second president of Pakistan, this park holds 104 species of plants and is a major recreational area.

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3. Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Hazarganji literally translates to “Of a thousand treasures”. Legend has it that over a thousand hidden treasures are buried there. It’s located 20km from Quetta and has rest houses, museums and even picnic spots.

Source: pak101.com


4. Deosai National Park

Deosai means land of giants. It is located along the plains of Skardu and is covered in snow most of the year, except in summer which is the best time to visit the beautiful park!

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5. Margalla Hills National Park

Located near the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan, this park is easily accessible as it’s close to Islamabad. The rock formations at the park are over 40million-years-old and it’s said that the hills were once under the sea!

Source: Reuters


6. Kirthar National Park

Pakistan’s second largest park is also a wild life sanctuary recognised by the UN.

Kirthar_Sept_11 276

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7. Machiara National Park

Located near Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir, this park is home to many beautiful birds and lakes.

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8. Lal Suhanra National Park

This park is near the Bahwalpur district of Punjab. It was planted by the British to provide raw materials for railroad construction during their rule.


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9. Khunjerab National Park

This park is along the Karakorum highway near the Kunjrab pass. It’s the third largest park in Pakistan and consists of three different valleys.


Source: tribune.com.pk


10. The Chitral Gol National Park

This park is located in the Northern areas of Pakistan near Chitral and is absolutely phenomenal. Surrounded by snow capped mountains and pine-trees, it is home to an 18 mile long stream.


Source: flickr.com

Don’t write-off Pakistan just yet, guys! We are a beautiful nation with beautiful people. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself!