10 Funny Videos That Show How Life Changes After Marriage Of Desi Husbands
Published: Mar 31, 2016

Marriage is a new chapter of one’s life. You have to be honest, compromise and work as a team. But some people have gone to far by making it really funny. Here are 10 funny videos of Sham Idrees that show how life changes after marriage of desi husbands.

1. When she is taking your test

2. When she randomly compare herself to other things

3. When she thinks you are angry

4. When she wants to know what are you doing

5. When your wife have a thug life

6. When she is curious

7. When gifts are not just enough

8. When she brought a present for herself from your credit card

9. When she thinks you are cheating on her

10. And only GOD can save you if you ever call her fat