10 Embarrassing E-mail Addresses That People Had When They Were Young
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Published: Sep 4, 2015

We have all done something or the other that we aren’t proud of in our lives, and we want those things to remain secrets. FOREVER. One of those secrets may (or may not) include the email addresses we picked for ourselves when we first made accounts. Now that thought process that went into making that ‘cool’ or should I say the ‘k3wL’ email address must have felt right at the time; but not anymore.

We asked 10 people about their first email addresses they made and this is what they had to say:

1. The Goth

“I wanted to be dark and mysterious at that point. You know, one of those teenage things.”


2. The Fan

“I loved Teen Titans and I loved Starfire (the character). Also, it was suppose to be cool.”


3. This ‘Decent Girl’

“I just made this for Facebook.”


4. The One on the Path to Self Discovery

“Named after one of my favourite songs. Don’t judge.”


5. The Gamer

“I still stand by this one no matter how embarrassing it is. Definitely an epic gaming username.”


6. The Teenager

“When I created this ID, all I had in mind was to come up with something that sounds cool. And using your name in your email definitely didn’t seem like a right option at that age.”


7. The Punkrocker

“’Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair.’ It was my favourite song at the time.”


8. The Cool Dude

“It was a failed attempt at being cool. Initially I wanted to be cooldude_me but that was taken so the site offered me numbers and 6 and 9 being my favourite ironically, I immediately opted for 69. But ofcourse that wasn’t a smart decision after all!”


9. The Ashamed

“I’m never using this email address again. It’s embarrassing.”



10. The Not-So-Ashamed

“Thinking about it now why I actually made an embarrassing email address as that could only bring me to one conclusion, it was all in the mind of a high on hormones adolescent who thought having the words shameless and fearless attached to his name somehow would make him cool and specifically popular among the girls. I must tell you that it kind of worked a bit. I was able to get a lot of girls intrigued at it and gave me an opportunity to talk to them and swing in the net. IYKWIM”


It’s okay guys! We won’t judge you – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It’s all in good fun. We know you had an embarrassing email address too – what was it?