10 Best International Cities For Graduates To Live After Graduation
Published: Jul 28, 2016

If you have graduated and want to go some place cool, a great experience kind of place, where you would want to live and earn but make some good memories too. Then these 10 international cities are fantastic for cheap living and they even have good jobs for young people.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna has been ranked as the Most Liveable City In The World! It is a very young city which citizens claim is simply more fun than other competitive cities on the list and even has good economic opportunities.



2. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities, so you’ll be just fine if you move there, there are plenty of good job opportunities for everyone, that is why roughly half the city’s population are immigrants.


3. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is rated as having both the lowest cost of living and the lowest cost of public transport. So it an absolutely ideal place for young graduates to move who don’t have jobs or high-paying jobs yet.


4. Washington D.C., United States Of America

D.C. provides millennials with great parks and nightlife, it is a city that’s easy to walk around or use public transportation, which means you don’t have to necessarily own a car.


5. Seoul, South Korea

The major perk of living in this city is that many companies pay for your housing if you’re employed with them, so living in Seoul helps you with your savings cutting down many expenses.

South Korea

6. Minneapolis, United States Of America

If you are a foodie, if you are looking for a job or if you are studying and don’t have a car then search no more, Minneapolis is the city you should move to.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has tons of outdoor art and natural landscape, high-ranking universities, and there are annual international festivals.


8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for its music and films, it has plenty of options for nightlife, the city also has a very efficient public transportation, so you can save on those expenses to enjoy the night life at max!


9. Denver, United States Of America

U.S. News has ranked Denver as the number 1 U.S. city to live in based on the job market. So if you want to live in a foreign city and earn at the same time Denver is the place to be.

Salt Lake City Skyline

10. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is a city rich in traditions, the beaches and the food is not to be missed! It even offers good employment opportunities to youngsters and has bee a place for many young start up.